Pitch Wars 2019 Wishlist About Me I am an Adult Mentor for Pitch Wars 2019. This is my first year as a mentor, but I have provided feedback and critiques in other settings. My debut novel,  The Conductors, is set to arrive in July 2020. It’s an historical fantasy set in 1870s Philadelphia following aContinue reading

The Desert Windup Spider

I started The Desert Windup Spider happened back when steampunk was popular. Set in a secondary world where the Black Death decimated the European side of the Eurasian continent so much the conquest and colonization of the world never happened. The story follows Mijiza, an inventor whose created a dozen inventions to save lives ofContinue reading “The Desert Windup Spider”

Side Trips or My Visit to the NY Transit Museum

I took a trip to NYC the other day,  as a treat for myself in a year of exciting changes.    I didn’t have much of a plan —  I never do when I go on vacation for some reason.   I plan everything else from arrival to hotels, and even where I’ll grab food.   But everythingContinue reading “Side Trips or My Visit to the NY Transit Museum”