The Undertakers

Murder never rests and neither do they…

Used to the unusual and strange, Hetty and Benjy Rhodes are barely taken aback by any case that comes to their door. But nothing is as peculiar as a case where the answers, motives, and even the murder are bit a too perfect. 

Such a case involved Raimond Duval, a teacher found dead following one of the many suspicious fires that have erupting recently in Philadelphia. His death is declared a tragic accident and the investigation points to a powerful Fire Company known to let homes in the Black community burn to the ground – particularly when they’re connected to the growing magic rights movement.

It’s only when Raimond Duval’s son is found dead that Hetty and Benjy become suspicious that there might be more to the previous case than they thought before. And so they renew their investigation. The search for information sends Hetty and Benjy chasing after ghosts.  Ghosts that flit through underground tunnels. Ghosts who leave clues and hidden messages in plain sight. And ghosts from their own past that just can’t seem to die….

Praise For The Undertakers

Hetty and Benjy’s camaraderie is the real star of the show, no matter how many spells they fire off at assailants.” – Booklist

“VERDICT Glover has written another fast-paced story of luck, fate, and betrayal. Readers will be engrossed by its celestial magic, hidden tunnels [and] leading to unexpected places… – Library Journal

“Layers of intrigue and tension build into a gripping whodunit…will keep both new and returning readers racing along to the end. It’s fun, twisty, and richly detailed.”- Publishers Weekly

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