Nicole Glover

photo of the author, Nicole Glover

Hello! I’m a writer of historical fantasy and other speculative fiction.

Upcoming Events

I’m going to be (virtually) at this year’s WorldCon! Look for me at the following events:

Kaffeeklatsch : Harris (Virtual), 12/ 15 @ 8:30 pm EST

The Wizard’s Butler Did It: Fantasy Whodunits: Harris (Virtual), 12/17 @ 2:30 pm EST

Envisioning Black Futures: Thomas (Virtual), 12/17 @ 4:00 pm EST

Murder & Magic Series

Hetty Rhodes and her husband Benjy, solve murders and other magical mysteries that crop up around community. Sometimes a case comes from a client in desperate need of assistance and sometimes they’re just too curious for their own good…..

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artwork by Alecia Doyley


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