Principal Characters

Main Players

Henrietta “Hetty” Rhodes

  • Sagittarius (♐︎) Sun ,  Capricorn (♑︎) Moon

The best magical practitioner you’ll find for miles around, Hetty is a dressmaker with an eye for detail and a flair for the dramatic – all traits that come in handy for solving mysteries. A storyteller at heart, she can twist her words to distract, outwit, and overcome any trouble that comes her way.

Benjamin “Benjy” Rhodes

  • Capricorn (♑︎) Sun,  Sagittarius (♐︎) Moon

A blacksmith by trade, Benjy is well trained in solving problems and piecing together the impossible.  His interest in mysteries can across as an obsession with puzzles, even when murder is involved.

Major Players

Penelope Jones

  • Aries (♈︎) Sun, Gemini (♊︎) Moon

A skilled potion maker, Penelope has a vast knowledge of magical herbs that heal, kill, and perform wonders.  A talent that becomes very useful when providing Hetty and Benjy with the tools they need to solve a case.

Oliver Gardner

  • Scorpio (♏︎) Sun, Aquarius (♒︎) Moon

An embalmer, Oliver works as needed at various funeral homes. Although he complains every time Hetty and Benjy bring a dead body to his home for study, he’s always willing to assist them in any manner he can.

Darlene  Needham

  • Libra (♎︎) Sun, Taurus (♉︎) Moon

Darlene once worked as a local agent of the Vigilance Society before retiring to become a teacher.  Although Darlene doesn’t often help with mysteries beyond drawing sketches and maps, she gives practical advice that Hetty mostly ignores.

Thomas Greene

  • Aquarius (♒︎) Sun, Scorpio (♏︎) Moon

An expert cook with a tragic past, Thomas is both a voice of reason and eager participant in his friends’ cases. Thomas is always there with a cup of tea, a few good jokes, and a listening ear.

Sy Caldwell

  • Pisces (♓︎) Sun, Gemini (♊︎) Moon

Benjy recently took Sy under his wing as an apprentice. Although Sy is eager to learn, his talents lie elsewhere. Namely the ability to find news and information that become quite useful for Hetty and Benjy’s casework.

Bernice Tanner

  • Cancer (♋︎) Sun, Scorpio (♏︎) Moon

There is very little that goes on in Philadelphia that Bernice doesn’t know about – and she’ll only tell you for a favor in return. A mistake Hetty has made more than once.

Artwork by Jaria Rambaran

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