Research Notes

While the element of magic allows my freedom in my stories, I do my best to keep historical events in order best I can. The following are the fruits of my research.

Selected Bibliography

  • Philadelphia Negro – W.E.B DuBois
  • To Serve the Living – Suzanne E Smith
  • Roots of Violence in Black Philadelphia – Roger Lane
  • William Dorsey’s Philadelphia and Ours – Roger Lane
  • A People’s History of the Civil War – David Williams
  • Emilie Davis’s Civil War- edited by Judith Geisberg
  • Spirituals and the Birth of Black Entertainment Industry – Sandra Jean Graham
  • Tasting Freedom – Daniel R Biddle and Murray Dubin
  • Soul Food – Adrian Miller
  • Negro Folk Tales – Richard M. Dorson
  • The People Who Could Fly and Other Tales – Virginia Hamilton
  • The Code Book – Simon Singh

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