Not Every Idea is a Good One…

…but they could be.

Over the years I have many ideas for stories that either fizzled out from lack momentum, drive, of sense I even know what I was talking about.  Some deserve to fizzle out,  (after all is there a need for another YA novel with a  protagonist studying at a magical academy?)

Some ideas deserve to be chucked off into box.

Not the trash.

Every idea,  even the most terrible deserve a chance to life another day.  Think of this box as an ice box instead.  Inside ideas will sit around frozen waiting to be rediscovered and put to good use.  They might even be combined with an idea (or two) resting not far way from it.    The results may vary from this strange alchemy, but some of my best ideas arose from that tactic!


Here’s an abandoned idea in one of my notebooks:

A coffee shop that sells revenge and other intangible things like hope or fear