Charmingly Cursed

While this is related a bit to this, it is a rather different project together. Drawn heavily by fairy tales, I modeled each character after the tale and then put my own twist on them. For example the main character in Charmingly Cursed, is a princess with a keen interest in the stars and affinity for magic. She spent the last few years locked up in a tower, and her mage mother’s fear of trouble left her protection spells that had turned her hair unusual shade of gold. When she finds the means to escape she tags along with a would be thief who turns out to be a princess seeking to regain her own kingdom. Along the way the pair rescue other princesses from peril, and learn that the enchantments placed on them were done by chance.

This was originally a series that followed a different princess, and explored a vast world with conflicts both on the small and large scale. I tabled it mostly because I realized the characters would be better served in another tale. altogether.

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