Side Trips or My Visit to the NY Transit Museum

I took a trip to NYC the other day,  as a treat for myself in a year of exciting changes.    I didn’t have much of a plan —  I never do when I go on vacation for some reason.   I plan everything else from arrival to hotels, and even where I’ll grab food.   But everything else, happens without much planning.

It makes it fun a way.  I get to explore parts of city I hadn’t seen before and do things I haven’t planned.  While I had a short list of things I wanted to do or see,  the Transit Museum only happened because it was nearby.

I’m glad it did., for it one of the highlights of my trip.

One of the stories I’ve been working on takes place in the earliest days of the subway system (1922 to be exact).  While I found a bounty of web resources, maps I had to squint to read, and a single book in my local library,  it was just enough to cobble together a scene move on.  After visiting  this museum, I wanted to rewrite it to add in all this i discovered.

Built inside an old subway station (naturally)  you get a crash course in  the history from the first station to modern subway system.  There lots of artifacts from days long past and several earlier turnstiles (btw fare evasion was problem back then too, there was a whole case of slug used to put in machine instead of fare token).   There are tons of subway maps,  tour guide from the old days, and lots of posters and signs.   The best part for me was the actual subway cars housed in the lowest part of the station.


There are several cars dating from 1912 always the up to 1960s,  and it was fascinating to walk through them, comparing them to their modern siblings.   I could even tell the age of the cars by a glance, as they were reflective of their eras.



It’s a small museum, but if you like history or have interest in transportation I recommend a visit.  There’s plenty to see and explore!


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